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A 6-week Teleclass To Have Your Desires and Dreams Come Alive


You’ve made your resolutions and you have your goals for this year. Winter is a time for ideas and goals to be created and percolate, it is a time of recreation and new beginnings.

But how do you take your plans, goals, hopes and dreams and actually see them grow?

Like nature we as women have seasons to our dreams. Spring is a time for pollination. A time of rebirth and growth. This is the time when all that energy that lay hidden under the snow pushes up through the hard earth to stake it’s claim and come alive.

This is the time for your dreams to take blossom. This is the time when all your energy, love and aliveness becomes fully realized and embodied inside of you and your life.

This year will be nothing short of a miracle for you and this happens only when you allow yourself to integrate your wants so that they can begin to bud.

You are out of the holiday ringer and at this time in the year so much growth can happen. Like a seed deep beneath the earth, most of your transformation takes place on the most microscopic level deep under the surface inside the recesses of your heart and soul.

Like spring it is the growth that happens underneath everything that is in direct proportion to what flourishes on top, so as you prepare yourself to have the YEAR you’ve always wanted you must tend to small shoots and roots that are staking their claim inside of you. This is a time for you to incubate, protect and masterfully tend to the embryo of your desires.

Be part of this 6-week course that starts on the first day of spring (March 2015) so that you have all the tools available to tend to the garden of your dreams and desires.


In the course you will master the following 6 arenas necessary to have your resolutions and plans for 2014 actually come to fruition.


1. Seeds & Source

You can’t plant a lemon seed and expect to get reap the rewards of eating mangos. In this call we look at ensuring the seed you planted are of the highest quality so that what grows from it is exactly what you want. Many times we can be sloppy in what we ask for and when we get it don’t feel the triumph we thought we would due to our lack of specificity. The universe always provides, so let’s be sure we are crystal clear about what we are asking for. Here our resolutions or goals are tweaked and fine tuned so that your intentions are clear and exactly what you want.


2. Optimizing Your Environment

It takes more then just a great seed to grow great fruit. For most people our surroundings and what we mix in with the soil around us directly impacts the growth and rewards of our efforts. This week we look at the suboptimal people, things, conversation or thoughts that may be leaching energy from you in your environment and see how we can incorporate or introduce high level people, thoughts and situations in our life so that our aspirations have a fruitful environment to grow and develop inside of.


3. Growth, Happiness and Invisible Extra’s

In this call we look at how happiness and the sunshine (or storm) of our feelings and emotions plays a huge part on fostering the life of your dreams. What you pour into yourself both mentally, physically and emotionally is all food for your soul and desires, and can build us up or break us down. We need the sunshine of your joy Justas much as the rainstorm of your upset to nourish your hopes, here you will learn how to use both in masterful ways.  Unlike call #2- this call speaks more the to intangible ways in which we can start cultivating a richer environment for your higher self to bloom.


4. Building Boundaries

Even if you have an immaculate ecology and the best of intentions there will be those failures, thoughts and people who come in and trample you down. How can you continuously build the muscle to have the ability to pull out the things that keep creeping back in? Doubts, fears, failures even the friend or partner that doesn’t believe in you. There are ways we can continuously be ready and aware and ‘weed’ their impact out from our lives. This is an ongoing process but an important muscle that needs to be built in order to protect and nurture your creations ongoingly.


5. Patience, Personal Compassion & Honor

You can’t rush a flower to blossom it does so on its own time, any force from outside has the flower bloom less beautifully. Here we look at the steps you are taking to reach your goal- many of us get bogged down with not getting a specific result at the right time- how can we learn to have compassion and understanding for our process, journey and self. Here we look at bringing patience and compassion into your life so you allow your blossoming to happen organically and naturally.


6. Alive & In Bloom

This call is dedicated to complete and total unabashed self-expression- Here you will learn how to stand proud and triumphant in your accomplishments and not shy away this summer with your new found boldness. Whether it be physically, emotionally, intellectually, or circumstantially- how can you erupt in color and splendor as mother nature intended without shrinking, apologizing or holding back? This call will set you up powerfully to own being fully in bloom.


The spring season is full of transformations. This is the time for yours. As the last few months of freezing are drawing to an end and Mother Nature is getting ready to start her splendor from scratch, why not have her work in partnership with you?

The leaves we saw fall and flowers we saw wilt are now budding into lush, green, picture-perfect plants. And this can be your time for your budding dreams to take shape and bloom. Join me on the first day of spring to start having your hopes and goals for 2015 become fully realized.

I promise you this year is your time to fully see, own and accomplish that dream that lays secretly deep inside of you. Whether you are looking for a new job, starting a new romance, getting serious about your health or having your business finally take off—your dreams are yours. They are important. They need to be loved, nurtured and given fair time to grow and expand into your life.

This year can be the one gets you there. This course can be the garden you’ve been looking for to plant your hopes inside of.

I want you to love your desires them and honor them as much as I do, and it will start with being able to do that for yourself so that you have the tools to breath life into your dreams.

Let’s get dirty together in this garden of life and start calling forth those deep longings and goals to the table. This is the year. You are ready and so are your dreams. Let’s make this happen for you, your family, your future and for the world.

We can’t have wait any longer. We need you.

Email me to let me know you’re interested and I’ll send you additional program details.





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