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Have you ever wondered if the life you have right now is the one you are supposed to be living? Have you ever come home feeling deflated, unfulfilled and unhappy? Maybe you’ve tried new hobbies or new friends but still deep inside of you, you know you were meant for so much more. Set the bar for optimal performance from the boardroom to the bedroom in this 7-week course complete with 14 interviews from some of the top experts in their field. Don’t let your lie, the one you know you are supposed to be living now pass you by.



New Year – New You


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Set yourself up to powerfully win in the New Year.
Forget about New Year’s resolutions, and join me in creating a manifesto or theme that you can design your entire year around. Create something that inspires you beyond goals and targets but instead pulls you forward and inspires your actions for the new year. Actions that are  filled with meaning and purpose.

I believe that the size of the cathedral or castle you build is in direct proportion to the strength and depth of the foundation.

Come and hear what I have learned, implemented and found to make a difference for me and the way in which I create the next phase of my life. Let’s help you have your hopes, dreams and wishes for next year come true.

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Fully Feminine Holiday Rescue


Eight calls designed to support you for the month of December and January.

Powerfully embrace the holidays and deal with all the things that can come up for you around family, yourself, money, energy, body issues and more.

Take all of December and have access to calls that you can listen to at your leisure to help you powerfully prepare for the work commitments, family gatherings, feelings of loneliness, overwhelm and sadness. Also learn ways you can better celebrate and enjoy your time during this season.

In addition, set your self up powerfully to win in the New Year. Forget about New Year’s resolutions, how about creating a manifesto or theme that you can design your year around. Create something that inspires you beyond goals but instead gives your actions for next year meaning and purpose.




Woman In Bloom


Like nature we as women have seasons to our dreams. Spring is a time for pollination. A time of rebirth and growth. This is the time when all that energy that lay hidden under the snow pushes up through the hard earth to stake it’s claim and come alive.

This is the time for your dreams to take blossom.

This is the time when all your energy, love and aliveness becomes fully realized and embodied inside of you and your life.

Starting March 2015

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Sacred Sisterhood- How to Make Friends & Keep Them


What do you think your world would be like if you a solid core group of soulful women at your side clapping for you and being a constant trampoline for youar dreams?

Sisterhood is a spiritual practice, and like any other it is takes discipline, time, energy and effort. I strongly believe that without a core group of women in your life achieving, having and making it through our days is harder then it needs to be.

Starting June 2015

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