“Before I met Sacha I would walk into a room and hope that no one would notice me. I didn’t want to be different or stand out from the crowd. Since working with Sacha I have new-found confidence and I am now comfortable—better yet, I relish in being different. Being different is no longer a threat, but an opportunity.”- Renee Mullings-Lewis – Modern Day Wise Woman,

calla“Working with Sacha completely changed my life. From the moment we began working together, I was in awe of her ability to simultaneously ‘cut through the bullshit’ and make me feel held, genuinely loved, and supported in a way that never left me feeling alone…When Sacha and I had our first call, I was feeling disempowered, working a job I hated, in a relationship that didn’t support my growth, feeling stuck in victimhood, lacking direction and support, and was drinking alcohol to excess on the weekends as a coping mechanism. Sacha got me in touch with my divine femininity, my soul, my strength, and within an amazingly short time I stopped using alcohol to cope and began releasing my shame and taking responsibility, choosing continuous authentic self expression and self love instead. Sacha held safe loving space for me to recognize my amazing-ness that already existed and build upon it. And it never felt like work…She is without a doubt one of the most brilliant, fun, honest, fiercely loving, sexy women on the planet and you are most certainly blessed if given the opportunity to work with her…”– Calla Payne – Chief Creatrix,


Sacha is lovingly straight and direct. Her coaching lasers in on barriers and has you see them in a way that you can’t help but overcome. Sacha has the ability to unlock and disarm your heart, allowing you to trust it and live a life where your heart leads the way.” – Anne DeStephanis – CEO,

kerryWorking with Sacha has made a profound difference in the way I live my life. She is highly skilled in uncovering what’s in the way of having ANYTHING you want and having it happen. I am a different woman because of her coaching – one who asks for what she wants and gets it…one who may still be afraid to take new actions but takes them anyway and the results speak volumes. My relationship is thriving, my dreams are unfolding in front of me and best of all I’m left with real skills and tools to make the difference time and time again.” – Kerri MaCauley – Director of Marketing, BBDO