Own Your Power, Magic and Beauty Course

You CAN be the kind of woman who effortlessly commands the power of her magic and beauty to create a life of her dreams. Learn the secrets to being magnified, delighted and inspired on a regular basis.

This 7-session course is filled with tools you can start using right away. The course sessions each include a lecture and an interview to learn practical, applicable steps to implement immediately in your life. You’ll also get 6 bonus interviews that go deeper into the discussions, and provide a framework from which you can create from.

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If you are considering this book I am willing to bet that, on some level, you are tired of making money below what you know you are worth. You are frustrated at feeling under appreciated and under paid, or you know that you should be (and could be) making more money.

Money itself is a very masculine game, a way to keep tabs on who the players are, and who they are not, by way of points. Throw into the mix the cultural restrictions on women that ‘asking for too much’ is considered rude or greedy and we have ourselves a real issue.

If you are reading this right now, no matter where you are financially, or what you think you are capable of or not, YOU still are unaware of just how magnificent you are.

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