You Might Be…

  •  Dying to have that relationship of your dreams
  •  Looking for the sisterhood or tribe of friends that will make you feel deep connection
  •  Looking to take the plunge and ask for that raise, apply for that position or leave it all and start that business
  •  Suffering from on overall sense of disenchantment with life…you know you want more, you just don’t know what; perhaps you’ve struggled with your sense of self and worth all your life and are ready to quiet that negative self talk
  •  Perhaps you are feeling like you have to “hold it all together” and you’re unsure how to feel like a woman again in your body, your relationship or job
  •  Maybe you are mom and have forgotten what it is like to take care of yourself and feel powerful in your life
  •  Where ever you are and whatever you are going through, you are not alone and do not have to deal with this by yourself.


And I Am…

  •  Your trampoline, your champion and your cheerleader.
  •  I have this annoying habit of falling in love with my clients and tethering my heart to theirs. Your victories will be my wins. Your heartbreaks will be my pains as well.
  •  I want to be your trampoline for life, so that with me you jump higher, reach further and laugh harder then you ever have.


So Together, We Can…

    •  Make magic. Pure and simple. I am not interested in what is realistic. I have no desire to create a status quo existence for my self or you.
    •  I want to create something beyond what you could hope for and have you start living your dreams now.
    •  In the words of one of my favorite poets: I want to do with to you, what springtime does to the cherry trees,” – Anais Nin
    • Ultimately together, I want you to bloom and blossom into your brightest, most authentic, most self-expressed SELF.



Training Packages


One on one Intensive Strategy Session
If you are still unsure if working with me is the best option for you, why not try me out and see if I am the perfect match for you. We can schedule a 1-on-1 in-depth session where we can look at your life and what you want to create. This call is designed to bridge that gap and show you the tools that are necessary to start having the life you want now.
This call will be a intense 1 hour session that will look work on having you get clarity about what your deep desires are and what is holding you back. Investment: $200/hr


One on One Vibrance Package 3 months
The 3-month program consists of weekly 1-hour calls via phone or Skype. This program is for clients who have worked with me in the past and are looking to have some dedicated time with me for a specific situation or circumstance in their life.

This program can also be altered and applied to new clients however this is done on a case-by-case basis.


One on One Radiance Program 6 Months
The 6-month program also consists of weekly 1-hour calls and includes three 15minute emergency coaching sessions if necessary.

This program is recommended for all new clients as it is the best amount of time to work at your root systems and create long-standing shifts that will impact your life. The program also comes with 2 Free Strategy Sessions that can be gifted to your friends and/or family so we can begin impacting your environment and inner circles as well.


One on One Creatrix Program 1 year (limited availability)
The full year program is more intense and consists of weekly calls and in person sessions ( If available).
This year-long intense program includes three 2-hour deep dive sessions where we can look intensely at your business, projects or personal relationships.

You also get full access to all of my online programs and free access to my own public events or retreats.

This program is the most cost effective way to invest in yourself and your life for a years worth of personal consulting and cheerleading and making sure to build not only the foundation for the life the you want, but also the castle that you will live in for the rest of your days.


Contact me to see which program is a fit for you.