Reclaim Your Feminine Essence – Spring Weekend Intensive

Join me and 10 other hand-selected curated women for a 4-day retreat where you will remember and experience your own feminine awakening. Come together with other extraordinary women for 3.5 days of experiential learning, deep connections, tons of fun and complete transformation. If you are looking to discover the empowered, authentic, expressed woman inside of you, we are waiting to see you there with us.
This retreat will offer you everything you need for mind, body, heart and spirit. From indulgent spa days to hiking through nature  – there is something for everyone here.

Join us and find your sacred tribe of women and prepare to have your entire being nourished from head to toe.

Spring 2016






Ignite The Woman Within- 6 Day Costa Rica Retreat

This is a 6 day retreat deep in the heart of Costa Rica filled with stunning beaches, epic mountains, amazing excursions, deep conversation and  incredible experiences.

All in the heart of Costa Rica where YOU can reconnect with the earth, find safety in sisterhood and rediscover the gorgeous magic that lives within you.

An epic week long event that will call you to your feet, excite your spirit and have you laughing and crying at a deep soul-full level. It is week that will have you marveling at your magic, stepping into your power and really seeing your beauty. It is about fanning the flames of your passion, blowing on the embers of your dreams and igniting the woman that lives deep within you.

This incredible week-long event is meant to get you out of the usual way of learning and bring everything into real life experiences that live inside you on a cellular level. You don’t have to take notes, or remember acronyms or even distinctions. This retreat is meant to plunge you deeply into the world of who you are as a woman and rediscover your brilliance and glory.

April 30th to May 7th 2016 – Find out full details HERE




The Woman Behind the Man – 5 Day Toronto Retreat

As the wife of an entrepreneur it can be hard at times to understand how to make sense of that world and how to best support yourself and your husband and family. 

All too often we as women can disappear in the role of wife or mother and forget what its like to feel alive with excitement, enthusiastic about our dreams, connected to your self and inspired by who we are.

Join us for a week in an epic castle where we will spend the time laughing our asses off, connecting with other like minded women, indulging our senses, epic food, gorgeous giveaways, pampering, sisterhood and soulful connections.

This week you will take on not only getting reacquainted with parts of yourself you may have forgotten but more importantly fall in love with you you are. By understanding how to serve yourself you will gain mastery in how your sense of self-love and self-care is the vessel from which you can better support, understand and connect with your partner.

Toronto June 20th to 25th 2016






Honoring Your Internal Warrior Woman– Fall Weekend Intensive


I believe the fire of our emotions as a vital part of our power and aliveness as women. You cannot be the full embodiment of the women you are if you are unwilling to give stage time to all of your pieces, especially your upset.
YOUR Anger, your Rage, your disgust and your jealousy, are important. They are valid and they deserve your respect and are a huge part of that warrior energy we all have inside of us. Find out what it’s like to radically express yourself in a way that is free from constraint, apology or doubt. Learn the tools to express yourself in a manner that is healthy, true and authentic for you, without compromise.

September 2016

Location TBD- Contact me directly for details on this event.