Summer 2015
Reclaiming Your Feminine Essence Intensive


A Weekend where you can remember and experience your own feminine awakening.


Introducing a brand new workshop for women looking to discover the empowered, authentic, expressed self inside of them.


If you are anything like me, you know that there is something deep inside of you that is bigger then what your life is now, something that is yet to be unleashed or expressed.


It may show up as an overall sense of deep longing inside your soul or maybe even a silent slow ache in your heart, either way, in spite of your great and amazing life, you know that there is still a part of you as a human being and woman that is yet to fully be realized.


I spent years bouncing between various businesses and companies, and worked my way up the corporate ladder. And despite all my success and accomplishments I still knew that I wasn’t living a life that was a match for who I am.


I am not sure what it looks like in your life but perhaps it shows up as any number of the following:

  • Taking classes and courses in the hopes that you find what you’re looking for
  • Reading various self-help books in an effort to find your true calling or purpose
  • Feeling generally dissatisfied with your life, even though, you know you should be happy
  • General lethargy, disdain or resignation that your future will be exciting or meaningful
  • A deep ache or pain in your heart or chest that can’t seem to go away
  • Concern, anxiety or worry that you’ll never find your passion and time is running out
  • Fear that you will never discover, find or have that real feeling of being alive and living your purpose as a fully expressed woman


If anything above resonates with you then you do not want to miss what I have to say below. But first a Question:


Do you feel a quiet desperation, that maybe you won’t be able to live the life that fully expresses who you are? That perhaps the gifts that you are meant to give to the planet will go undiscovered and unexpressed?


I struggled with that same feeling for most of my life. In fact, for as long as I can remember there has been a silent ache in my core where I knew that I was meant to be something more.


For the longest time I believed that the life I was hoping for only happened to other people and that it just wasn’t in the cards for me. Call it Karma, call it circumstances, or perhaps it was just plain bad luck. Either way, I was going to have to live with that pit in my stomach forever.


Yet, with all of that, I knew that in my heart of hearts I was supposed to have a life that was bigger. That who I knew I was on the inside had to match my life on the outside. I was unwilling to let my life pass me by and wake up at 85 years old wishing I had lived more.


I knew I had to find a way.


For as long as I can remember I never felt comfortable in my body and I never felt as if I was doing, having or being WHO I was supposed to. Something inside me still felt like it was missing.


And then I started to notice these powerful women on TV, in classrooms, in restaurants, on the streets and in even seminars and was floored by who they were. They were powerful, loving, feminine and straight. I had never seen a woman embody all of these so effortlessly.


From that moment on I was hooked.

I made it my mission to discover, interview, understand and learn the art of being a woman.


Having researched and studied women both throughout history and in current times I have filtered through all of the books, programs and living examples to see what their most impactful and insightful offerings are.


Here is what I learned…


The ‘woman’ in us learns from real experience in our body and heart, not in our head alone.


I had spent years doing work in every area of myself while totally neglecting where my true intellect lies…my intuition.


Feminine Radiance is nothing something you can read or hear about, it exists in all of us, all of the time and is accessible whenever we want.


For most of us, we forget that we have it, or how to find it, but it is there dormant inside all of us. It is something that exists beyond worldly possessions, education, financial means or environment.


It is something that lives deep inside of us.


If there is any part of you that feels that your full brightness and light as a woman is slightly dimmed then I can help you find the switch.


After over a decade of gathering information and researching what the modern day feminine radiant woman looks like, I have developed some amazing tools and distinctions that can assist you in your journey back home to your TRUE self. Your life is happening RIGHT NOW, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances to then start living a created life.


Your access to sourcing and finding your true feminine radiance and power as a woman is available as we speak, all we have to do is find the dial and turn up the volume.
Here is the truth…

You are smart. You’re incredibly accomplished. You probably have a pretty good group of friends and a decent degree of love in your life. You have amazing ideas and brilliant dreams, goals and ambitions.


Here’s the problem…

Despite all of this, in the face of all these amazing things, you are still at your core unsatisfied, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy.


This can be a tough place to be.


But it doesn’t have to be…

You do not have to know about energy to feel your body, you don’t have to do yoga to express yourself, and you do not have to align your chakras to understand your intuition.


You have everything you need right now to make it happen and YOU are exactly in the right place.


I believe that there is a way to amp up the volume of expression in your life and turn up the dial on your aliveness. To me there is nothing on this planet more beautiful then a woman who is madly in love with herself. Most of the times the only thing between you and being that Radiant, magnetic, hypnotizing woman is the recognition and reminder of who you are.


You know the woman I’m talking about right?


The woman who finds peace in a baby’s eyes. The woman who can sense if someone feels left out in a group. The woman who lets loose in her car or living room when her favorite song is on. The woman who feels nourished when she has accomplished something great or done something good. The woman who walks into a room and knows herself as an attractive force.


It is that woman that lives inside of you, and she is itching to come out even more.


We’ve all have had moments like that, most of them happened when we were little girls, when the future seemed bright and full of possibility. We may experience that feeling from time to time, but it is sporadic and short lived.


How can we integrate something as serious as calling forth your true authentic self while still having fun and bringing in the playfulness we had as children?


Introducing the Reclaiming Your Feminine Intensive:


This is a 2 and a half-day workshop filled with amazing conversations, awesome exercises and incredible experiences.


You see, for us women we learn though the world of experience and practice. We’ve spent a long time in our heads trying to make sense of it all. But we as woman learn the best through our bodies and in a group.


This incredible weekend event is meant to pop you out of the usual way of learning and bring everything into real life experiences that live inside you on a cellular level. You don’t have to take notes, or remember acronyms or even distinctions. This workshop is meant to plunge you deeply into the world of who you are as a woman and rediscover your brilliance and glory.


This is what you will get out of the Reclaiming Your Feminine Intensive:


  • A deeper appreciation for your body
  • A new found access and understanding of your desires and pleasure
  • Access to your long lost dreams, hopes and wishes
  • A newly created feeling of sisterhood among other women
  • A sourceful relationship with yourself as a woman and all its iterations
  • Healing of any past distance between you and your embodiment of the feminine
  • A fun creative environment to let loose, explore and discover
  • Great exercises where you can learn about the conversations that may hold you back
  • Amazing trainings and movement that have you actually feel what you learned IN YOUR BODY so that it is integrated on an experiential and cellular level
  • Small group sizes to ensure one-on-one work with each student
  • Amazing accommodations in a beautifully serene estate in Boulder, CO.
  • Untainted connection with nature, as you stroll among the maple trees and forested land
  • Amazing home cooked nutritious and nourishing meals
  • Life long friendships and discoveries

Get complete access and start your journey with the Reclaiming Your Feminine Intensive NOW.


From the minute you drive up the road towards our retreat centre you will be enamored by the beautiful serene surrounding, and peaceful property. Take a deep breath of fresh air and be whisked away from your busy life and sink into the nature that surrounds you.


The centre itself is filled with love, light and nourishing energy, where love and compassion is the mission. Sit by the fireplace on breaks to enjoy the view from the panoramic windows or grab a cup of tea and enjoy the crisp clean air on the patio. Perhaps you’d like to sit in the circular hall and enjoy lying on the heated floors.


From the home cooked, nourishing meals to the beautifully painted walls. There is not one inch of this place that won’t aid and accompany your deepening relationship with your capital ‘S’ Self.


Reclaiming Your Feminine Intensive is NOT for you if…


  • You are not interested in exploring your real true self.
  • If you would rather complain or stay stuck
  • If you are unwilling to look at where you may be sabotaging yourself
  • If you are uninterested in living in your power and knowing who you are as magnificent


Who am I and why is this so important to me?


I have spent most of my young adult life as a teenager being a tomboy. I played soccer, football and baseball with all the neighborhood boys and had a very “don’t f*#! with me” personality. Then I started High School and I got into a relationship where I controlled, dominated and very much made sure I always got things my way. I went to University to study science and graduated with honors. I spent my entire life, living in my masculine and using mostly my brain.


I always felt deep inside me that who I was inside was not getting fully expressed and represented outside. I got tired and bored of the constant self-deprecating thoughts of my worth, body, beauty and value, and finally said enough.


I took on researching what powerful, authentic, extraordinary woman looked like and discovered that what they all had in common was a deep knowing and wondering of their innate feminine power.


After over a decade of research I am unwilling to have woman walk around small, on mute or feeling insecure.


I have seen and experienced what it feels like to think I am not living in line with who I am, and what it looks like to be unaware on my glory. I truly believe that women are the most remarkable people on the planet and the more women that own their power and fall madly in love with them self the better this world will be.

What kinds of women go to Reclaiming Your Feminine Intensive


Powerful, magnetic, committed, interested, beautiful women are the way in which I would describe them.


Mostly the women who attend will be females who are ready to take their life to the next level and are interested in using the innate power for their feminine and confidence as a woman to get them there. Whether they are looking for growth and expansion in their relationships, career, businesses or personal life. Any woman wanting to fall more in love with her self is welcome and encouraged to attend.


How big will the class be?

This intensive is created to offer an intimate space and a safe environment.


I am in my teens, will I be the youngest person there?

The earlier you get settled with who you are as a woman, the better. No matter what your age, experience or background you are welcome to be here and join in on any of the fun activities and learning’s we have to offer.

Having said that, since we cannot always guarantee the nature of conversation that can come up in the group, any women under the age of 18 is asked to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


I am in my 60’s will I be the oldest person there?

Age is just a number and I have coached grandmothers and retirees. This course is perfectly designed for any women no matter where they are in their life.

There is no way to guarantee the age group of who will attend this course and so, although it may be possible that you are the oldest person there, you will quickly see that in the world of being a woman, age plays little to no role in who you authentically are.

If you have any existing medical conditions please be sure to walk with the appropriate medication and let us know about it ahead of time, as we will be situated in a rural part of Ontario.


What should I wear?

We will be alone in this retreat centre and only women will be in attendance. We will be doing many different movement exercises. Please come dressed in casual comfortable clothes.

Though we will not be doing any group yoga, yoga gear is completely appropriate to wear all weekend long. In addition, please be sure to bring one dressy outfit that you feel beautiful in for Saturday night.


Your Journey deep into your self discover is one click away:


What’s included in your registration?

You get 3 full nights accommodation in a Beautiful Mansion located just outside Boulder, CO.
All your meals for the duration of the entire course

3.5 days of intimate intensive group coaching, exercises and experiential learning

2 co–leaders who will be there the entire course to not only lead special pre-designed exercises but also be available to support you in your weekend.


Why this is such a great deal?



  • Not only do you get all of the benefits mentioned above but I am also throwing in the full recording of the 7 part tele-seminar “Own Your Power Magic and Beauty NOW” with interviews (total of 14 recordings) FREE (Value of $247)
  • In addition, to keep the momentum going and ensure you have as truing support system to encourage all your learnings you will get paired in your very own sacred sister group after the weekend where you and your new sisters will meet on a pre-set conference call to have weekly calls to stay connected and support each other.
  • Lastly, You will also have one of us lead monthly call with you and your group where we will update you and share with further exercise that you can implement into your life t ensure what you learn this weekend id integrated entirely.This is 4 months of additional support, sisterhood and group sessions to make sure you are set up to win.

This space in this course is limited. We have only so much space in this sic house, once all the spots are filled the course registration will close.


I’ll never forget being 12 years old and my parents sitting me down at the kitchen table to have a serious conversation with me. They made me my very own cup of tea and very seriously and compassionately said the following:


“The greatest tragedy in life, is to be lying there on your death bed, only to realize that the greatest music of you is yet to be played.”


Though at the time it did not make sense to me, I knew that they were very powerful and important words. It has only been over the last decade or so that I have come to understand what they really meant. They did not want me to die with my best music in me still left unsung. They wanted to be sure I lived a life, no matter what it looked like, where I was always the biggest brightest most authentic version of myself.


And that is why I do what it is that I do, because I know that this is my music and what I am supposed to be doing.


And it is what I want for ALL OF YOU!

You are entitled to nothing, but you deserve everything. You deserve to have a life you love, a heart you are proud of, a body you adore and a future that excites you. You deserve that, and so does everyone else in your life. As you give yourself more, you have more to give the people you love most around you.


You can only give from a surplus not from a deficit.


This weekend is the best way to recharge, renew and remember who you REALLY are, and start inviting all of you to the party called life. I want you to have this for your life NOW, don’t waste any more precious time waiting. You deserve this. You are meant to be here. It is time to know why. Sign up today and claim your throne and take back your crown.


Your kingdom is there, and it is waiting for you.




P.S.: Still unsure? That is perfectly normal. Given the content that will be covered in this weekend intensive, I want to be sure that only women who are up for this type of work and discovery register.

So in order to figure out this I right for you (or not) do the following…

…close your eyes, lean back in your chair and take 3 deep breaths. Once your heart rate is lowered and your shoulders are relaxed check in with your intuition and ask yourself “do I want this, for me?”

Your intuition and body always know how to guide you and whatever comes up for you when you do this exercise you should fully empower that and follow it wherever it takes you.

If the answer is that this is not for you then, I honor that, and hope to be with you at some future training series or LIVE event.

If however, the intuitive answer in your heart and body is YES, then start today with honoring your innate intuition and find out what is calling for you here. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Email me to let me know you’re interested and I’ll send you additional program details.


P.P.S: as is true with all my trainings and offerings, if you are not completely satisfied with the content covered or you feel you did not get value there is a 100% money back guarantee upon completion of the series.

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