How to Make Friends and Keep Them

Did you know that in a landmark UCLA study it was found that women who have close female friendships could reduce their stress by almost 60%? Even more shockingly researchers found that even in the face of the biggest life-stressors of all, those women who had a close friend and confidante were more likely to survive the experience without any new physical impairments or permanent loss of vitality.

What do you think your world would be like if you a solid core group of soulful women at your side clapping for you and being a constant trampoline for your dreams?

We’ve seen the movies The Joy Luck Club, Beaches the Ya-Ya sisterhood and many more that highlight the impenetrable bond women can share when they find other females who they can reach out and connect with.

Sisterhood has been my saving grace. And I am not only talking about biological sisters.

I am talking about having women in your life that you anchor your heart to, that without a doubt have your back and cradle your heart and love you despite your pettiness, complaints, anger, insecurities and mistakes.

I want to show you what I have done to make sure my life is full of exceptional women and also show you what I am doing now in real time to up-level that game so I can manifest and call forth new ones as well.

Be part of this 7-week course where I will teach you how to create and cultivate yourself as the kind of woman who will attract andkee the sacred sisters you’ve always longed for.


The course will be broken down into the following 7 conversations.


1- Healing Past Hurts

What are all the thoughts, beliefs and experiences you have had with women that have tainted your view or made you feel unsafe. Many of us have lived through some awful instances where girls in school were mean or nasty. Perhaps it was in highschool where your trust was broken or loyalty trashed. Maybe it was with your mother and your lack of closeness with her. Or maybe it has been seen in the work environment where you are seen other women as your opponent or even enemy. This call will allow us to see where we have had heartbreak and upset that has led us to distrust and dismiss the importance of women in our life and how we can begin to heal those wounds and learn to trust again.


2. What does ‘Woman’ & ‘Sister’ means to you

what are your views of motherhood, sisterhood and friendship. What do you think it involves and what do you desire to give and get in this arena? We all have expectations and beliefs as to what these should look like and many times we don’t have it clear for ourselves but expect others to know what we want. Here we look at what you really are looking for in a female friend and how you can filter through what you think you want versus what will actually serve you. Her we cut through some of your bullshit to make sure you ask for what will fill you up the most. This call will also dive into why sisterhood and having core female friends is so vital to your aliveness and success.


3. Mother love as it relates to self-love

We’ve all had moms. You may be close to yours or very distant. You may not even know who your mother is. Either way we all of a have mother that lives in our mind. A lot of studies have been done to show that how you template your first initial feminine relationship is based on your connection with the first female you met. For most of us that is our mother. Our views, judgments, and beliefs about who our mom is for us plays a huge role in how we relate to ourselves but more importantly how we relate to other women. This call is meant for you to clear away any patterns that can hinder you in cultivating strong connections with other women. This call we will look at you introspecting, healing and making peace or celebrating the parts of your mother daughter relationship so you can have nothing but clean open space or you and future women who may come in as friends.


4. How to create yourself as an epic Sister

whether you have a biological sister or not is not enough to know if you make a good one. Having 2 myself I am clear that there is still a lot for me to learn in regards to what it takes to be someone who another women feels safe, seen and loved by. This call is designed to train you and show you what your unique gifts are and how you can build the muscles and creatively become a woman that other females want to be around and connect with. You have a lot of love to give and you want to give it, here we figure out how you can make certain that YOU are doing your own internal work to be the type of woman that others will love to be around.


5.Authenticity, Vulnerability


6. How to seek out and find YOUR sisters – what to do/how to find

Now that you are creating yourself as magnificent, how do you start looking for the women who re a match for you. Unlike dating, there is no to sign into to find conscious, smart and interesting women you want to meet. This call I tell you some of the ways I have reached out to women in my lie to create epic friendships as well as actual conversation I have had that have been the source of my success. This call I move away from just theoretical ideas and give you in depth detail words, phrases and actions I take to make powerful female friendships a reality in my life.


7. Making peace with your inner warrior and bitch

Like any animal, we are not always going to get along, and creating sacred sisterhood does not mean you will love and adore every woman there will be those that are a match and those that aren’t. There will be some you feel close to that can and will break your heart. This call prepares you to be okay with not wanting to connect and allowing yourself to be ok with the part of you that is triggered and annoyed. It also will a call that will set you up to powerfully deal with setting your own boundaries and how to deal with the women who step over them, make hurt you or take advantage of you. Or even how to make peace with the women you need to let go of, in a loving way.


8. How to continually cultivate these friendships

This call will talk about how to set up your life such that your relationships are continually fed and fostered. Like a fire, friendship needs to be stoked and tended to on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, many of us are good at having the one great swimming buddy, or awesome shopping friend or perfect conversational sister. But there is a power that lies in bridging the gap to move from pairs of women to groups or tribe. Here we will discuss how to make groups of women a reality and bridge the gap between female friends in various arenas.


This Sacred Sisterhood Course will give you the tools and confidence to have real and true female friendships, without feeling desperate needy or rejected.

  • Start building you tribe of sacred sisters now to support, encourage and help you reach higher
  • Stop feeling alone and isolated in your life and start sharing your heart in a way you know its meant for
  • Finally feel at home and in love with yourself and your life by surrounding yourself with people who help fill you emotional gaps and remind you of who you really are.



Email me to let me know you’re interested and I’ll send you additional program details.



Starting February 2015


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