Fully Feminine Holiday Rescue – Virtual Retreat

The Fully Feminine Holiday Rescue is an 8-part program that is sent out every Monday for the month of December and January.


This program will help you powerfully embrace the holidays and deal with all the things that can come up for you around family, yourself, money, energy, body issues and more.


Take all of December and have access to calls that you can listen to at your leisure to help you powerfully prepare for the work commitments, family gatherings, feelings of loneliness, overwhelm and sadness. Also learn ways you can better celebrate and enjoy your time during this season.


In addition, set your self up powerfully to win in the New Year. Forget about New Year’s resolutions, how about creating a manifesto or theme that you can design your year around. Create something that inspires you beyond goals but instead gives your actions for next year meaning and purpose.


How big a castle you can build depends directly on the strength and depth of the foundation. Be part of this call and lay the solid foundation and groundwork needed to have your hopes, dreams and wishes for next year come true.


What you get in the Holiday Rescue:


#1. Heading for the holidays

You know what is around the corner and no matter how you prepare or centre yourself, it is likely that you might get flustered with the shopping, hosting or even finding that perfect outfit to wear- this call will set you up with the mindset that will be the baseline for the rest of the calls.


#2. Powerfully Managing Personal People

How do you deal with the family, friends and people in your life that take effort to be around or manage? here we will create an understanding around dealing with difficult people and how to keep your cool and powerfully deal with those individuals that can test your resolve.


#3. Giving Goodness

The world of generosity and what it really means has been clouded for many of us. How can you give in the currency that speaks to you free from guilt, compromise or obligation? Don’t get sidetracked by the world of being a consumer and find peace in the ways you can spread the joy and share the love with the people in your life in your unique way.


#4. Opening up to More

Learning to receive and open yourself up to love is a difficult task at any time of the year. The Universe is always looking to shower us with abundance mostly it is ourselves that keep the doors closed and limit what we take in- this call will allow you to open up to the gift of contribution and how to fully allow for abundance into your life and a way that works for you.


#5. New Year, New You

Creating a powerful intention and discovering what your desires, truths and dreams are, is what this call is all about. How do you filter between what you highest self wants and what is the quick fix that feels like it will serve you? This call we look at what is really important to you and how to bring more of it into your life by looking at the context for your intention for the New Year.


#6 Powerful, Purposeful, Pleasurable

This call we dive deeper into what adjustments can be made to ensure your New Years resolutions embodies your biggest hearts calling and speaks to you in a way that will keep you inspired all year along.


#7. A Vision That Lasts

What does this new vision for the year look like in real life? How do we make it have the structure to ensure it takes place in reality as oppose to an idea that lives only in your head. This call we discuss the importance of structure and how we can make sure to manifest everything we want in a seamless way.


#8. Leaping with Love

This final call is a launching pad for you to be in action now around creating your “year to remember’. This call is designed as a trampoline to propel you forward into a future that is waiting for you.


All calls are recorded so even if you miss a day you have it to listen to at your convenience forever! You will also get worksheets, homework and ideas that will keep you energized, motivated, inspired and having a ball all through the holiday season.


In order to give you everything you need to get through this holiday season, I am offering it for only $97.

Email me to let me know you’re interested and I’ll send you additional program details.





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