The Compensation Conversation: How to Ask for the Money You Deserve (And Get It!)


If you are considering this book I am willing to bet that, on some level, you are tired of making money below what you know you are worth. You are frustrated at feeling under appreciated and under paid, or you know that you should be (and could be) making more money.Money itself is a very masculine game, a way to keep tabs on who the players are, and who they are not, by way of points. Throw into the mix the cultural restrictions on women that ‘asking for too much’ is considered rude or greedy and we have ourselves a real issue.

If you are reading this right now, no matter where you are financially, or what you think you are capable of or not, YOU still are unaware of just how magnificent you are. I promise even the most empowered, confident women don’t fully get the true value of what they bring when they walk into a room, never mind what they offer when they commit their mind, body and soul to any one company, project, client or service.

This book is broken down into some of the key factors that have led to some of my biggest breakthroughs through my own journey, both working for a national corporation as well as an entrepreneur.  This is not some formula you can go and simply copy and apply, to generate a desired outcome. It is going to mean going into the centre of the situation and understanding what’s at the heart of the matter.

You have gotten this far making what you make and getting what you get, if you want an exponential change on the outside it’s going to take an exponential shift on the inside.

This book is to guide you to the next level, to start dancing in a new type of conversation.

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